Here in Philadelphia, we're looking for change in the right direction - and we need leaders who will listen to us, put Philadelphia first, and bring people together to get things done. 

But the honchos at City Hall listen to special interests - not neighbors. They just bicker and don't get anything done. 

We can build a better Philadelphia - where everyone's voice is heard and where people work together to strengthen our communities. 

Billy Ciancaglini was born and raised in Philadelphia and attended law school at Temple University. He became involved in political activism because of high crime rates, soaring taxes, underfunded schools, and a terrible drug epidemic. 

In City Hall, Billy will bring people together to get things done: lessen our tax burden, cut wasteful government spending, and address our city's crippling drug and crime problem. 

People who support Billy Ciancaglini are people like us - who live here in Philadelphia, and who represent hard work, family, and community. 

If elected Mayor, he will work to create a level playing field so that everyone has access to their government - and keep working with people from the community to create more jobs, safer streets, and better schools. 

Let's send someone like us to City Hall - someone who will represent a real change in direction. 

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