The "Soda Tax"

I am 100% against “The Soda Tax.”  No one asked for it.  Very few want it.  The money gained from it is being stolen.  It’s that simple.

This tax is hurting the Mom & Pop stores which have been a staple of the Philadelphia communities for generations.  People are now buying soda and everything else outside of the city.  Again, Philadelphia residents don’t want this tax, it’s hurting our corner store owners, and I’ll fight to get rid of it.  I stand with the Moms and the Pops.

Sanctuary City

I am very much against Philadelphia remaining a Sanctuary City.  There are ways to come to this country legally and ways to come illegally.  We cannot reward or enable those who do not follow the laws of this country.  Frankly, i’ts illegal and the majority of the residents of Philadelphia do not want OUR city to be a Sanctuary City.

Jim Kenney never asked if we wanted this.  WE elected him and he betrayed OUR trust.  Enjoy your 4 years, Mr. Kenney.  In 2019, please give me your vote for Mayor and let’s take OUR city back!

Safe Injection Sites

I am against opening Safe Injection sites in Philadelphia.  Opioid addiction is a major problem in our city and we need to explore better avenues towards FIXING the problem as opposed to ENABLING it.  With coordination  between different agencies, we need to establish steps for those in need to go from rehabilitation to job training to employment and to affordable housing.  Simply giving them a place to “legally” use illegal drugs and then literally sending them out the front door onto the streets is not the solution.  Let’s help people get REHABILITATED, not help them get high.

Property Taxes

Thanks to Mr. Kenney, we have been paying extra for illegal immigrants, anything with sugar, soon the drugs used in Safe Injection Sites that might be popping up in YOUR neighborhoods, and anything else he can tax us for.  It has to stop.  NO MORE TAXES.  Whatever we need money for can come from the missing $33,300,000 once Kenney finds it.  End of story.


Simply put, we need less. So far, we have a not-too-friendly relationship between our District Attorney’s Office and our brave law enforcement officers. Once elected, I will push for more community involvement and better notification for regular community meetings to personally interact with officers and tell them what is troubling in your neighborhood.  Let’s all work together and help them keep us safe.

I will establish more community meetings and town hall sessions in local police districts.  All residents want to know what the issues are in his or her neighborhood. We need better communication between police and the community.


Schools should be given necessary funding to educate and teach our youth how to be proper “people” too.  Well funded and carefully staffed after school programs are a wonderful way to keep kids off the streets.  Athletics are essential, but I would also provide more funding for classes in the arts, mentoring programs, civic engagement programs, and anything that can keep our kids with positive role models working towards legitimate goals.

There should be a temporary prohibition on additional charter school in the District until their results and costs are comparable to the level of quality for our existing public schools.  I will propose legislation to strengthen teachers unions and give our educators better compensation and sensible class sizes. We need to listen to our teachers and curb high stakes testing and allow them to educate our children as they see fit.  My office would work WITH teachers to allow them to do their very important task — educating our children.

The role of an educator is one the the most important in our society.  I would like our teachers to EDUCATE ME as to what is necessary to do their vital jobs. I see very few more pressing needs than the safety and education of our children.

Bring More Jobs to Philadelphia

We are on the verge of ‘Live! Casino and Hotel Philadelphia’ opening in Philadelphia in 2020 and, very hopefully, possibly a new Amazon headquarters in the near future.  With fingers crossed, we could have a staggering amount of jobs in various fields coming to Philadelphia soon.  National unemployment rates are finally trending in a positive direction.  Let’s keep that momentum locally too.  I will do whatever possible to find fulfilling work for all Philadelphia residents who are looking.

Illegal Drugs

Pennsylvania has declared a State of Emergency regarding the opioid epidemic. This can unlock State funding that doesn’t ONLY have to go towards fully grown opioid abusers who have already chosen a poor path. Why wait that long? How about we attack the opioid crisis before it starts with the next generation? Let’s keep our kids – YOUR kids – occupied with learning a LIFE SKILL before they run into the wrong friend, give in to peer pressure that one time, and start a life of misery for everyone.

We are losing too many of our young people to addiction.  As an attorney, I see this every day and am very familiar with programs and affordable ways to help people get off of narcotics.  Through my career, I’m proud to write that I have helped countless people become healthy and now I’d like to help our city.

Mayor Rizzo Statue and Mural

The Mayor Rizzo statue deserves a respectful and appreciated location. Marconi Plaza?  The Italian Market?  Let’s find a suitable resting place together.  There are different opinions on this issue, however, the overwhelming sentiment I have heard from the residents of Philadelphia has been in favor of keeping Mayor Rizzo in a place of honor.  I agree with that.

Helen Gym, who was born in Seattle and raised in Ohio, recently called for the removal of the statue claiming it was “a monument to slavery and racism.” She is simply incorrect. Sometimes it’s best to defer opinions about a city’s history by actually speaking to the residents who lived there at the time.  I promise to find the most suitable relocation for the Mayor Rizzo statue upon my election. If it must move, I will lovingly accept it in front of my private residence in place of a tree.  Think I’m joking?  Get the proper equipment to move it and try me!

The National Anthem

And just in case you’re wondering… I stand for it every time.


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  • william doyle
    commented 2019-10-17 19:05:40 -0400
    I like what i am reading, I agree with all of your points, Rizzo statue, National anthem, nice thoughts but there are more important issues. I will help you anyway I can. I’m not on facebook, twitter, etc. but I do read, I grew up in South Philly, still live and work in Philly. I don’t like the direction our city/country are trending towards; led by a few noisy, unreasonable, irrational socialists who will never be affected by the results of their agenda, because they are set for life. Unfortunately the majority of our country are sheep and follow orders with no thought. I did too, until 2016. I now choose to study both sides of an issue and make up my own informed opinion. We, as Americans, have a duty to those who have sacrificed their lives to provide us with the chance to make a difference, get informed. Yes it’s work, life is work, marriage is work, children are work. It’s your duty to be informed, on both sides and make an informed, rational, and reasonable choice
  • Joseph McGlynn
    followed this page 2019-07-10 21:27:58 -0400